All the single guys out there

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Can we talk about online dating profiles for a minute? Also, any of you considering online dating could probably benefit from some helpful translations. Did you think this through?? I realize this might not be such a big deal to all women. Allow me to rant for a moment. Yet, somehow, guys in the real world seem to be a whole range of heights.

Help me understand. Why exactly? I already know. To be clear. I have nothing against shortness. This means any shoe she wears will make her at least six feet tall, and possibly quite a bit more. If you ask this girl out, your true height and lack of forthcomingness will be exposed.

Because women like that. Do the guys who write this imagine themselves onstage addressing an audience of women eager to fight for the chance to date them? Please, make it stop. I mean, on the surface, this one is legit. Who wants drama? No one. I want to build a lasting relationship on drama. Not wanting drama is universal. I might be more sensitive to this one than I need to be. It implies that I, as a woman, have an expiration date. And it narrows the of men I would even consider dating. Not someone who needs to rewind. I feel like I should report this to the authorities.

I usually get this one in direct messages from men a generation older than me. To this I must reply: We all feel younger than our age, sir, so the age gap is still the same. Which I do. Dear Mister Single Man: I get it. I understand why those words came out of your head and ended up in your online profile. Pretty much all of us on here are starting over. Which also tells me that you may not be ready for a new one. Come back when you are just you and dating is more about your future than your past. Occasionally a guy can pull off an acceptable car selfie, but my eyes sting every time I see a shirtless bathroom selfie.

This debacle is compounded by the guys who only take selfies from the angle of their lap. Just, why? GUYS: This tactic makes you look old, and not in a fun retro way. Stop immediately. I showed up for a date once and the guy was completely unrecognizable from his profile photos, which I realized must have been taken 10 years and 15 pounds earlier. The waitress had to help me identify him and I was completely thrown off by the strange face sitting across from me. What was his strategy exactly??? I can tell. Reminding me of your past relationship is not a great selling point for a new one.

These photos would be great if I were shopping for a Caribbean vacation, hunting tips, or a softball team, dude. But it blows me away how many men list this author in their profile. Is this a Minnesota thing? Vince was Minnesotan, right? Is this a guy thing? Is this an author my book club should be reading? Why do I only hear about Vince Flynn in the online profiles of single men? Do you know??? Okay, friends. Those are my top Did I miss any? What drives you nuts in online profiles? Oh, by the way. I have only ever seen it in a few. Here it is:.

Or on the socials at shortsandlongs. BY Julie Rybarczyk - July 11, A girl must not value herself enough if she swipes right on a guy like that. Meredith — haha, I love that you can relate. And yes! And entitled. I hear you, Michaela! And I totally get that finding photos can be a challenge sometimes. I really appreciate when a guy has a picture of himself with his dog or by a landmark or in any setting that helps create a sense of who is, where he hangs out, etc.

I also questioned why so many men feel the same, but having listened to two of his books while on a recent road trip, I kind of understand the allure. Becky — First of all, congratulations!!! And lol on the Vince Flynn theme. I might have to check the guy out. Julie, this list made me literally LOL!

So relatable. I also had a date I did NOT recognize from his pictures. Also YES to therapy! Bahaha, the first point made me laugh because I have experienced the same EXACT story countless times but translated into European sizes hehe. Eva — lol. Oh good grief. Best of luck weeding through the profiles! I thought, huh? Then asked, dead things? She said yeah these dumb dead fish, holding them up so proud, yuck, after laughing for 10 minutes. I started to wonder about that question. So frustrating. They just know how to compete with eachother. If I see another picture where a guy is showing off his fishing luck or how big his truck … ».

Miruska — Oh my goodness, girl. We are so on the same . I turn 50 this year and I know I will literally fall off the for so many guys who will no longer even consider dating me. Really dumb. You are right!! They only know how to try to impress other men or themselves — not us women. Holy cow. I am all for the breaks from online dating. Enjoying summer on my own.

The better looking he is, the younger the age range. I am focusing on doing things that make me happy, man or not. We got this for sure!!! Some of the men on these profiles, when you find out their truths, you can understand why they are evasive or they lie. Do they mean her children? Why do they call you when they are going away for a few weeks or they have absolutely no time to date? Susan — Yep to all of that. It can be really frustrating and, frankly, disheartening. Good luck out there.

I sdore your editorial, laughed out loud. Why do men think they need to say, they want a woman to be athletic. I tried a few of the sites, blah. I wish there was snother way. Men think women are ignorant, probably the reason their single!

All the single guys out there

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