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I am a successful business man, once i had planned a holiday with my friends but due to some business meeting my holidays were bit delayed and that too it turned out the delay was nothing but since other friends had work so they cancelled the holiday too.

Been planning it for a long time I was adamant on going and spending few days at peace and rest, I boarded the flight for Goa and that was the time I got to know she was working for the airways as cabin crew, we met formally then I went and sat on my seat, from the seat I was looking at her she was never so beautiful in college, never she looked so nice.

The flight took off and the normal boring 4 hour flight was on its way to a fun filing Goa, during the in flight meal I had the opportunity of talking to her after the food was finished. I asked her to me as the seat beside me was empty and she did, we talked our way to Goa, found out that even she took some days holiday and now that we both are going on holidays together. I was little happy that at least I will have some company with me little did knew something else also will happen. The flight landed and I went out of the airport like a normal passenger while she was coming from other way, we both took a taxi and went to the hotel where I had already booked a suit for myself, we decided that since it is a suit we both can stay together one will sleep in bedroom and another in the guest room, we went to the hotel checked-in and went to the room, being a gentlemen I took the small room and allowed her to the main room, I refreshed myself and was sitting in the room watching TV.

She came out of the bathroom got dressed and came to the room I was sitting in; she was wearing a short skirt and neon green deep neck top. Till now I never had imagined fucking her but now I wanted to. I was amazed of her this reply still kept quiet had my snacks and since it was getting late went for the dinner, we had our dinner and were proceeding to our room that one more couple looked at us and told that we look good together and again she said thanks, now I was completely puzzled and wanted to know the reason in the empty hotel lobby. I knew this was the al that she is not restricting me.

I sat on the couch and switched on the TV, since I was feeling hot, I took off my t-shirt also took out my laptop and started doing my work on it. It was almost 2 in the night when she yawned and asked for a body massage. I threw her on bed and pulled her lingerie from over her now she was just in her bra and panty, I took out cream and spread it over her back and started rubbing her back slowly, she had kept her face turned at me and was looking at me and was smiling.

I unhooked her bra and slide off her bra straps then in order to take them off completely. I slide my hands towards her front and rubbed her entire boobs to remove the bra; she looked at me and blew a kiss. I took out some more cream from the bottle and spread it on her hips. I was massaging between her hips and was touching her vagina she was already wet from the massage I gave her. I then turned her and made her face me, as she turned she pulled me close to her and planted a kiss on my lips.

I climbed on bed and went over her and started giving her French kiss and pressing her boobs, she replied passionately and in the mean time she unbuttoned my knickers and took out my penis and started stroking it, her grip was increasing with each press of the boobs and passing second of the kiss, she broke the kiss pushed me down on bed and in a very sultry was she went near my penis and started licking it rolled her tongue over it and sucking my penis.

I was looking at her pleasuring me when she took out her panty and got her vagina near my face, she was dripping her juices all over my face, held her hips and started sucking her with my each lick her moan became louder and she was pressing her vagina on my face after some minutes she unloaded her juice over me, I asked her to kiss me she came and started licking all her juices from over my neck and face while stroking my penis, it was getting too much for me.

I took my penis from her hand rubbed it over her vagina and inserted it inside her she was licking my shoulders when i inserted, she moaned loudly and bit on my shoulders, holding her tightly. I started moving my penis inside her, all she did was moan, within few pushes she asked me to stop, and sat on my penis looking at me she pressed her boobs rubbed her whole body in a very erotic manner and started rubbing her clitoris, I held her from her hips and was enjoying this view she came towards me and pressed her boobs on my face.

I bit her nipples and was sucking her boobs that she started moving on my penis, her pace was really slow she was feeling my penis very nicely, all this moment I was on my peak and this slow motion was getting me more and more making to fuck her. I fell on her and started kissing her. We cuddled for some time when my penis was erect once again; I made her come in doggy style and kept my penis inside her pussy.

Bari fuck buddies

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