Dating millionaire girls at Rocky Mount nd

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Does Dan Bilzerian really have "girlfriends"? Yeah, the answer is "no. According to Busted Coverage , he's had a couple of "legit" relationships. But most of the hot women he surrounds himself with don't last long. That's Dan's M. But the multi-millionaire poker player and businessman doesn't give an F about what anyone thinks.

And neither do the gorgeous, multi-cultural babes who love jumping on his yacht, private jet, and his other expensive toys. Without further ado, here's a list of Dan Bilzerian's "girlfriends" and where they're from. Of all the women on this list, the absurdly hot Sofia Bevarly might be the most well known. After all, the Florida-born model served as Dan's right-hand woman for years. He even went on to claim that he exclusively dated her for a while.

Although, knowing Dan, we're not sure how long that lasted Dan Bilzerian has a thing for women from tropical and foreign lands. Well, actually he has a thing for any woman who fits his definition of "hot," and Leidy Amelia Labrador is definitely one of them. While the IG model spends most of her time stateside, she actually hails from Cuba, which is why she has such a uniquely gorgeous look Vancouver is known for its beautiful women and Corin Jamie-Lee Clark is, undoubtedly, one of them. That location is a magnet for "Dan approved" women like Corin.

While she and Dan didn't last long, she certainly left her mark. Yep, Dan even found himself a Swedish girl. According to JustRichest , the heavily tattoed Morgan Hultgren otherwise known as the "SwedishIrishMama" dated Dan for a short while and gained a huge following on Instagram because of it. She grew up in Stockholm, Sweden but eventually moved over to the U. It seems as though Chloe Othen really loves being in the warm California weather. It's certainly different than the climate she's used to back in London, England.

According to The Chive , this British model and former Miss Earth winner built a bit quite a following before even meeting Dan. Perhaps this is how Dan found out about her in the first place. Peoria, Illinois-born Tawny Jordan has spent more time with Dan than almost every other girl on this list.

There's no doubt that she's one of his favorites. Some even call her the "mommy" of the Ignite family. The curvy model has been included on many of Dan's trips around the world and has gotten quite close to him Katie Bell is another babe from Florida that Dan has gotten his hands on. According to Katie herself, Dan was the one who discovered her, built her Instagram following, and even gave her a lead position repping his Ignite brand. Because of that, she's since become one of the most recognizable Bilzerian girls The biochemistry major and fitness promoter gained a lot of followers thanks to him, but she's moved on.

Thanks to all of her time with him, this L. Desiree Schlotz, who was born in in The City of Angels, is one of the youngest babes who has been linked to Dan Bilzerian. According to BroBible, this straight fire model continues to gain partnerships and popularity due to her relationship with Dan.

We're not sure if she's still considered his "girlfriend," but she's certainly repping his brand a lot. Hannah Palmer makes our hearts hurt. She is just so absurdly hot it isn't fair. The Prescott, Arizona born beauty and to a beauty school and, unsurprisingly, went to the University of Arizona; a party school known for its excessively attractive student body. According to BroBible , she's been spotted on vacation with Dan numerous times. We don't know much about Loranger, Louisiana, but if they have more babes like Lindsey Nicole Pelas, we're booking a flight.

Well, that is, when we can fly safely again. According to GQ , the social media influencer, actor, and model gained a million followers in just six weeks thanks to her ties to Ignite and the overly-muscled Dan Bilzerian. Jessa Hinton has quite the reputation amongst high-school boys up late on their computers if you catch our drift. And this is precisely why Dan Bilzerian courted her and included her in his harem. According to HeySpotMeGirl , Jessa actually had a somewhat legitimate relationship with the Vegas-based professional poker player and rich kid.

Suelyn Medeiros has a thing for muscley, rich men. Not only has she dated Dan, but she was also linked to 50 Cent as well. She has been one of the babes invited on a few of Dan's most extravagant holidays around the world. Dylan Parker is a list and content writer working for Valnet Inc. He specializes in entertainment, film, and celebrity news. Dylan has also written for Narcity and various other entertainment, food, and travel publications. By Dylan Parker Published Apr 03, Share Share Tweet Comment.

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Dating millionaire girls at Rocky Mount nd

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