Dating romance long term

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Remember how just a glance at your partner could give you butterflies? Or seeing their name pop up on your phone screen could make you smile in an instant? Which is definitely worth congratulating you on. Which will get you feeling all those warm, fuzzy emotions you crave. So how do you go from bingeing Netflix movies every night on your couch to feeling that spark that you once felt at the beginning of the relationship?

Try these:. Love languages are different ways people express and receive love. They include words of affirmation, physical touch, acts of service, gift-giving, and quality time. You and your partner can take one of the many quizzes that the creator of the love languages, Gary Chapman, has on his website. This will not only help you both understand each other, but you can then create more romance in your relationship based on your answers. Say your partner is a gift-giving kind of person. Doing an activity like pottery painting or card-making will not only be a bonding activity for both of you, but a way to show your partner love in their love language.

But this list of questions was specifically crafted to help people fall in love. Over twenty years ago, Arthur Aron conducted a study to see if he could get two people to fall in love just by asking each other questions. Since then, the New York Times has made these questions famous. I did them with my ex-boyfriend and my current boyfriend.

Simply put, set aside several hours of uninterrupted time for you and your partner to go through the 36 questions. They start light and become more deep and insightful as the list goes on. At the beginning of quarantine, my boyfriend and I started taking online salsa classes. Though both of us are god-awful at dancing, it was a great bonding experience learning how to move our bodies not only to the music but together.

Plus, physical touch. Enough said. There are plenty of hobbies you can both start learning together like guitar, gardening, chess, yoga, reading, or wine tasting. Still not convinced? When you learn something new, you display vulnerability, the magic ingredient for romantic intimacy.

Long-term relationships consist of a lot of things: comfort, routine, familiarity. At no point in anyone's relationship does dating each other suddenly become obsolete. A University of Virginia study found that one night a week where you focus solely on one another not only improves relationship satisfaction but decreases chances of divorce down the road if marriage is your thing.

And there are no limits or rules to what this date night looks like. If buying every snack from Trader Joe's, spreading them across your coffee table, and enjoying them while you watch Harry Potter for the tenth time is more your style, have at it.

Just make sure to keep date night sacred. I know everything there is to know about them? See, people grow throughout their lives. They take on new jobs and then become bored of them. They encounter new hobbies and learn about foreign concepts. Ask questions like you did at the beginning of your relationship. Learn more about their past to understand better who they are today. Building a better understanding of each other can create novelty and intimacy in your relationship, leading to romantic feelings.

You may be thinking that a routine is the exact opposite of novelty. My boyfriend and I thrive on routines. Before bed each night, we cuddle with each other, regardless of whether my boyfriend stays up two hours later than I do to play video games. Each morning, when my boyfriend finally comes out of our bedroom, we embrace for a solid, comforting hug.

We do both of these every day, without fail. This positive routine that both of us can look forward to creates trust, a deeper connection, and a moment for physical touch in my relationship. Maybe adding a walk into your day or always enjoying dinner together is more your style. Whatever you pick, stick with it, and you may experience more romance than you expected from a simple routine. And the outcomes of doing so are ones that you can enjoy for a long time between you.

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Dating romance long term

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