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The latest controversy has centered around an alleged fistfight that took place in the locker room as a result of some questionable actions by fan favorite Patrick Sharp. Bernstein would not reveal exactly what the source said though. Yesterday, Sports Mockery released our first article about the Sharp allegations informing our fans of the situation and what Bernstein alleged.

Keep in mind, this is nothing new to anyone closely following the team. Upon releasing said article, our inbox has been flooded with information from various people and even more rumors. After investigating, and vetting our sources, we have more information to share with you. Our sources one request was to remain anonymous; therefore, specific details and names were purposely left out. The sources that will be referenced in this article have close, personal relationships with the team; therefore, revealing them so everyone can have a name to attach to this is impossible.

All the rumors involve the personal life of one Patrick Sharp and the subsequent turmoil that his actions have caused the team. Now, before we get into what our sources have shared with us, we want to turn your attention to something else real quick. Did any of you read our article on the recent Modern Family episode? On arguably the most popular sitcom on television, a former alcoholic was impregnated by a member of the Chicago Blackhawks. After finding out he was married , he wanted nothing to do with her and she was left on her own with the baby.

You can see the video here. The director of said episode happens to be from Chicago as well. There are all these rumors flying around about Patrick Sharp, and all of a sudden, with no rhyme or reason, a super popular television show decides to include this rather sexual innuendo in their script. Tongue in cheek perhaps?

The show is based in West LA, why would this happen? Why now? A recent investigation by Sports Mockery has revealed some interesting information. With over , fans on social media and countless relationships with people involved with the Blackhawks, some of these rumors have been discussed by multiple sources. This is what we now believe. This information came from FOUR different independent sources , each vetted and having direct personal ties with the Chicago Blackhawks. None of the sources are aware of the other, yet they all had matching stories.

At this point, we can say that we are fully convinced the rumors referenced by our sources are true. From what we have gathered, the Blackhawks, Sharp, his wife and everyone else seems to know this information already. in. Log into your . Password recovery. Sports Mockery. Table of Contents.

Duncan wives sex

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