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New York journal and advertiser. New York, NY , Apr. New York, NY 4 Apr. Retrieved from the Library of Congress, www. s Next . Issues Issue Next Issue. Hide Text. Foreign Countries Aroused at Some of the r: i nates nxeu. Washington, April 3.? It is the protests that are being made by several foreign countries against some of the rates and some of the reciprocity features oi the bill.

The committee thoroughly realize thai the farmer Is the one to suffer most bj protection and by. They appreciate that the great bulk of exports tr foreign countries is made up of farm products, and they know the farmer will feel the difference when retaliatory meas ures are agreed upon, suen tnreats navt been made in very diplomatic language, and the committee has the task before It now of trying to clear away the difficulties.

Germany's Protest. Notice has already been served by Germany that she will not stand such rates without protest. That country has before this shown what she can do with American meats. The reciprocity feature in her case Is acknowledged to be a hollow sham. France is ready to enter a vigorous firotest the minute the measure becomes a aw unless it is greatly changed from Its present form.

Iter trade In silks and wines will be nearly shut off In this coun try. She will stand ready to shut ofi American products or impose such duties on them as will equal the prohibitory features of the proposed law. Uanada Has served notice of retaliation or the lumber schedule. The rates have beer placed high, and the Canadians do not like it. The committee knows this, and hat known It for some time.

Mexico will in the great line el Protestants. Mexico's Interests at Stake, The two items which are vitally Important to Mexico are cattle and lead ores. This of course knocks them out completely, and the Mexican steer could not even get his nose over into the land of freedom and protection. Under that not an animal came In and not a dollar of revenue was obtained from MexiAOti oottlA Ac o UA-IAA before let all our live animals In free of any duty whatever, except geldings, promptly put on a retaliatory duty of 3 cents per kilogram, live weight, or an equivalent of about IVi cents per pound.

Minister Romero Will Act. The second Item, as to wnich Mexico objects, is the duty on lead ores. The Dingley bill makes the rate one cent per pound on the lead contents, equivalent to per cent ad valorem. Protests are pouring in from the West by those who see that a Erohibitory rate on cattle and ores will ave the effect of shutting the United States from a sorely needed outlet for surplus products. The committee has been carefully considering all these dangers which threaten the success of the measure should it become a law, and they will have great weight in the final result.

For the past week the committee has been busy with a general study of the measure. No special ncueuuie uas ut? The intention Is to arrlv at the general reduction that must be made and then the schedules will be fitted to the decreased amount. London, April 3? The farewell banquet to Mr. Bayard was last heard from at Rome. Cleveland, O. The organisation will serve to prevent an overproduction of ore, and will keep the prices uniform.

A satisfactory decision has been reaqhed as to the amount of ore each mine will produce. Carnegie and Rockefeller are out of the pool. General strikes will be called on all buildings where electrical contractors attempt to finish the work they uaic iu uaiiu v? He stated he had called strikes on eight buildings, and asked that committees be appointed to all the brotherhood. This was agreed to, and it was determined to take general action early next week with reference to those buildings where electrical contractors refuse to the new scale and attempt to finish their jobs with non-union help.

Hirkey A woman's presence of mind saved Katie O'Neill, a collar and cuff ironer in the cadet laundry, at West Point, from being fright iuuy niangieu wnue ai mmi yesierviuy morning. The girl was cleaning a machine when her clothing became entangled in the rapidly revolving belt. Before making any outcry she tried to release herself from her perilous position, but only added to her danger. Hickey, who was working near by, happened to turn around just as the help, less girl was being swept from her feet toward the big shaft above.

Without saying a word she rushed toward the machine, and with all her strength fell against the big belt and pushed it off the wheel. Before she could do this, however, the girl had been raised several feet off the floor, and In another second would have been dashed against the shaft. When she was untangled from the belt the girl fainted, and it was some time before she was restored to consciousness. Her clothing was torn, her hands lacerated and she was badly shaken up. Ward No. Among them is Chlng-Ching, who is a very quiet, patient, i yellow, almond-eyed little chap.

His Eng llsh Is limited and very unlike his amla1 bility, which has endeared him to his cot i mates. Refined by his suffering and won by his gentleness, the other Inmates of the ward have ceased to call him "a Chink" or Jest over the style of his hair. They toll this story of him, however, and the tale has as many conclusions as there are peri sons to tell it. A rat was seen scurrying across the floor one night, and a nurse invited in a cat, which pursued the rat to a hole, wflfrthoii fnr its rpnnnpnrnnnA find niirsnprl t his ratshlp Ineffectively many times.

A i small dog was taken in to supplement the cat, but neither could capture the rat. Ohing became very much Interested, and when the ward was most excited, lumped L i from his bed and, with surprising swiftness, ran after the bounding rat. Just as the rodent flung himself Into the air an the last leap for his hole, the Chinaman's fingers clutched and held him fast. The ward rang with applause, and?

A ten-dollar fine may be the means of legally determining one the vital principles of all the big labor organizations of the country. Drum-Major Woodford, of the L West Point Military Academy band, threat1 ens to take summary proceedings against the Musical Union of this city for arbl I trarlly Imposing a fine on film ror playing i with non-union musicians. Woodford not only considers the fine unjust, but he thinks It time to decide whether a labor i union has the right to take action which i will deprive a man of his individual liberty. Some time ago the West Point band i went on an unsuccessful concert tour through the country.

Woodford is the only f member of the band who belongs to the Musical Union. A week ago the sold er l musician received from the secretary of the Musical Union an order directing him to appear before the directors of the ori ganlzatlon for trial. Accompanying the or! Woodford wrote a polite note, explaining the circumstances, and declined to come here for trial.

Martin uiea rrorn neau rauuic, mm? Watertown, N. Gardner C. Martin, aged about fifty-two, died In the street here this morning as the result of overexertion In learning to ride a bicycle. He had been practising and had fallen several times. He became exhausted and dismounted from the wheel and started to walk along with it. He staggered a little, and a moment later fell and expired immediately.

His physician says he had no heart trouble, but the Coroner pronounces it heart failure, the result of exhaustion. Weather for To-day. Mails Vessel close. Trinidad, Bermuda a. Seminole, Charleston City of Birmingham, Sa- j vannah p. March 9 Flaxman Pernambuco.. March 13 Zaandam Amsterdam. April 1 t City of Birmingham J Sun rises Sun sets p. The time given in above table is local time.

High water at Hell Gate oecnra i beur and 40 minutes later than at Governor's Island. The time used In this table Is 75th meridian W. Lucanla Br. Liverpool, March 27, and Queenstown, 28th, with mdse. I I have spent nearly fifty years In the treatment of Catarrh, and hare effected more cures than any specialist In the history of medicine. As I must soon retire from active life, I will, from f this time on, send the means of treatment and cure used us in my practice, Free and postpaid, to every reader of this paper who suffers from this loathsome, dangerous and disgusting disease, j J This is a sincere offer which any one Is free to J accept.

Address, Prof. Hfti 1? Sample bottle free by mail. Address Franklin Hart, 4 w. Brown Co. Arrived at bar at a. Time of passage, 6 days and 1 hour. Day runs, 73, , , , , and Tot distance, 2, knots, over the southerly couri Had strong southwest to northwesterly breezi increasing to fresh gales, with high seas near the enthe passage.

March 81, lat. Same date, lat. Steamer Thingvalla Dan. Arriveu at oar at a. Had fine weather.

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