Having a friends marathon

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The iconic sitcom, which first premiered on Sept. To celebrate the series, TBS will unveil weekday episodes that fall under a specific theme each week. The month-long nostalgia fest kicks off this week on Tuesday, Sept. Synopsis: Gunther's internal monologue muses about Ross, "What does Rachel see in this guy? I love Rachel. I wish she was my wife. Synopsis: Gunther, bitter about Ross and Rachel's relationship, says to Ross when he orders a coffee from Central Perk, "Oh, like you don't already have everything. Synopsis: On the heels of Ross and Rachel's breakup, Gunther works up the courage to ask Rachel out — only for his plan to be hindered by Mark.

Synopsis: Gunther apologizes to a confused Rachel after he shares a kiss with Phoebe earlier in the episode. Synopsis: At the coffee shop, Rachel completes a crossword puzzle on her own but no one is around for a congratulatory hug. Gunther then face plants while attempting to leap over. Later, he tells Emily that Rachel is "his girlfriend. Synopsis: At Ross' bachelor party, Chandler declares Gunther will be his best man. Prior to leaving, Gunther thanks Ross for marrying Emily as opposed to Rachel. Synopsis: At the Halloween party, Rachel thanks Gunther for bringing extra candy and says, "Someday you'll make some man very happy.

Synopsis: When Joey confesses his love for Rachel to Ross at the coffee shop, Gunther approaches him and screams "Rachel?! Oh… my… God. Synopsis: Chandler invites Janice to the gang's New Year's Eve party despite their pact to not invite dates. Synopsis: Chandler discovers the mystery girl he's been chatting to online is his now-married ex, Janice.

Synopsis: Chandler enlists Ross' help to get out of all-night cuddling with Janice. Ross introduces his "hug and roll" tactic. Synopsis: Monica and Joey accidentally witness Janice making out with her ex-husband the "Mattress King" while they shop for mattresses at his mattress shop. Synopsis: Chandler confronts Janice after learning that she kissed her ex-husband in his mattress shop.

Synopsis: Rachel gives birth to baby Emma; in the hospital delivery room, Rachel discovers her roommate is Janice. Synopsis: Monica and Chandler discover they're both infertile. At the clinic, they run into Janice. Synopsis: While at an open house, Chandler and Monica discover that Janice and her husband are also potential buyers. Before his career-turning role as Dr. Lipstick for men! Synopsis: Joey lands a role in the "Milk Master" commercial, which his friends mock; Phoebe agrees to become his agent.

Synopsis: Joey lands a role in a play called "Boxing Day" about outer space. Ross tries to convince the gang that Rachel's date Ben Stiller is a screamer. Synopsis: Joey auditions for a role that includes full-frontal nudity and employs some prosthetic means. Synopsis: Joey auditions for Bamboozled, a confusing new game show that eventually falls through. The director appreciates the urgency. Synopsis: Joey stars in a Japanese commercial that advertises lipstick for men: Ichiban, with the tagline "Lipstick for men!

Happy 25th anniversary to Friends. Where did the time go? Can it be moving any quicker? By Jessica Wang.

Having a friends marathon

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