Hookah bar waitress

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Hi all! Longtime lurker here, and I just got a job at a local hookah bar : I suppose you could say I'm a novice, but I'm learning. Go out of your way to talk to the customers and have conversations with them, as long as it doesn't interfere with your responsibilities. If it's slow, just go talk to people.

At every hookah bar I've been to, the employees never liked to talk to customers, so when I got a job at a hookah bar, I started having conversations with people when I could. People generally respond really well to it and you'll become quickly liked. Be attentive with the coal rotations, if that's your job. Heat management can make or break a bowl. Also, seriously, as the guy said before, listen to the regulars. That can't be stressed enough. Since my interview I've just been hanging around the regs when I'm there lol are there any rotation tricks I should know?

You'll also learn cool new flavor blends, too! I always talked to the servers at hookah bars, would ask what other people were smoking, if they'd had any good blends recently, etc. I'd also talk about the music, if there was a movie on, stuff around town. It made me feel more comfortable and at home, like I was more welcome. As a customer I would definitely suggest getting to know us, especially if we're regulars.

Don't chug energy drinks all day to remain awake. This isn't healthy for your heart, will dehydrate you, and jack up your sleep schedule. Drink water throughout your shift. It helps keep you calm, awake, focused, and hydrated. You can't do your job well if you aren't all of those things. If you have menus for your flavors, hand them to the women at the table first. Don't be overbearing and checking on your table every three minutes. Your Customers are there to relax, not feel like you're rushing them to finish and get out the door.

Keep an eye on your tables, an eye on your coals, and an eye on their drinks. They shouldn't have to walk up to you and get your attention, get to them before they get to you. Don't expect tips. Sometimes you get some, most of the time you don't. Doesn't matter how well you pack or your customer service is. Go above and beyond for customer service. Make every single customer feel as if they're a guest and the lounge is your home. They should feel comfortable and relaxed. Know the fucking flavors. If you have 81 flavors, memorize ten or so recommendations that are popular, and find out which flavors go well together.

Some of your older male customers will treat you like shit. Deal with it and make sure they enjoy their shit, they're paying. If they say it's harsh, burnt, doesn't taste good, that means the pack is shit. Apologize, and fix it properly. If you fix it properly the firs time, they won't have to ask you to fix it again. Thanks : I'm working on the flavors thing, learning what goes well with others. Our rotations to tables is about every 10 minutes or so and we just check on them and poke the coals.

The hookah lounge I work at has us start the hookah and give it a test rip before bringing it out to ensure a pleasurable smoking experience. I don't have any advice for you, just jealous, hope you enjoy the job man. I'm really excited about it, I've got my. First real night tonight. I'm just hoping this is the lucky break I've been looking for. Know your flavors. Where I work, we have roughly 80 flavors. I'm usually the go-to guy about what a flavor tastes like, or what flavor tastes similar to it. Also come up with creative mixes and have people try them out. Figure out the best way to pack the bowls with what you have and go from there.

Educate people about what hookah is, how long a session will last, the differences between brands, etc. Pack the bowls well. Work hard, build your own base of customers that come for you, and don't expect to smoke at all while you're at work. Have you ever had to work for 13 hours and watch people smoke the whole time while you're just wanting a hookah? It's rough but you gotta get used to it. I mean, yeah. But I've also wanted to smoke a fatty at jobs but didn't cause I was at work lol I like hookah, but I can't do more than 2 bowls a day.

Makes me sick otherwise. Leave some room. When you put the foil on, have it a bit loose. Found the internet! I just got a job at a hookah bar. Posted by 7 years ago. Sort by: best. Listen to your regulars. Continue this thread. Tips from the golden days: Don't chug energy drinks all day to remain awake. Be on time to work.

Get enough sleep at night. Hookah Lounge Employee. We do the same. Buy your own hookah bar? Most importantly, have fun. What do you mean? Like they skimp, or overpack? Double Apple. Hookah Lover. More posts from the hookah community. Come one come all, if you enjoy smoking hookah, making shisha or just chilling with your friends this is the place for you.

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Hookah bar waitress

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