Jamestown IN cheating wives

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Aside from their Virgin Queen, women who remained obstinately single and celibate throughout their lives in 16th- and 17th-century England faced a peculiar fate not shared by their married sisters. After death it was their lot to lead apes in hell, a proverb that fed on Protestant condemnations of celibacy—especially priestly celibacy—as a very Catholic evil that would dispose to debauchery and damnable defilements.

The best way to escape such censure, as the Jamestown brides well understood, was to find themselves a husband and subjugate themselves to his will. Take the eight treatises Of Domesticall Duties published by the Puritan clergyman William Gouge in , the year after the Jamestown brides left for America.

To be born a woman subjected you to a flood of popular literature that sought to control what you thought and how you behaved, and made you the butt of countless ball, proverbs, jokes and tales. Far more vicious were the anti-feminist pamphlets that vented their fury on women in general, and scolding, domineering and unfaithful wives in particular.

One of the most popular was The Araignment of Lewd, Idle, Froward [contrary], and unconstant women by Joseph Swetnam, a Jacobean fencing master and pamphleteer who claimed to have formed his views during 30 years of travel. The authors of broides and ball were often as misogynistic as the preachers and pamphleteers. Now full bellyed Fill gut, so Fat heere in show, Feedes on our good Men, as Women well know: Who flocke in great s, all weary of lives, Heere thus to be eaten, and rid from their Wives.

Heere Pinch belly starveth, for want of good meate, for Women untoward, he no way can eate: The good are his feeding, but hard to befound, The worst of them living, the best underground. All rights reserved. Created by Grove Atlantic and Electric Literature. Via Oxford University Press. By Jennifer Potter. Close to the Lithub Daily Thank you for subscribing!

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Jamestown IN cheating wives

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