Lonely wives in Utah

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In polygamy, husbands are king. But one polygamist family is insisting that it's the exception. There are 24 children. And, one other person … oh, right, husband Brady. Earlier this week, the six parents sat down for an interview. When asked who among them identified as a "feminist," six hands shot up as if propelled by jack-in-the-box springs.

Brady insists that he's about equality in his relationships. That can exist with a man and a wife and a wife and a wife and a wife and a wife. The problem? Dejected, she tells the camera in her soft, timid-sounding, polygamist-wife voice that she and Brady now have to go 10 days without spending time as a couple.

Is this scenario anti-feminist, or is it simply what happens when one partner's time must be split to accommodate the needs of several others? Eight years ago, the Williamses were members of the Apostolic United Brethren , a fundamentalist Mormon sect that presents plural marriage as the ticket to heaven. They saw how men in the church ruled their families, favoring certain wives over others—so they ditched their fundamentalist ways and went indie largely for the sake of the kids. Consenting adults who love each other should be able to express that in a family setting.

For monogamists who were raised in mainstream America, these are hardly breakthrough ideas. But to the church they grew up with, the Williamses are radicals. Either way, having left the Brethren, they're now left to carve out their adult lives within a family structure they adopted years ago. Popular Latest. The Atlantic Crossword. In Subscribe.

Lonely wives in Utah

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