Looking for female exhibitionist

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When you hear the term exhibitionism, what do you think of? Open, unrestrained sex? Peeping Toms in trench coats? Well, none of your assessments would be wrong. Exhibitionism is, by definition, an act of exposure. It is sexual in nature. How do I know?

Because I was, for some time, an exhibitionist. I spent most of my 20s in a state of inebriation and undress. Most exhibitionists are male, according to Psychology Today. In my 20s, I had undiagnosed bipolar disorder and, when manic, I indulged in my vices. Tequila took the place of water. Beer became food, and sex replaced sleep. I acted randomly, impulsively, and my behaviors were often careless and reckless. I wanted to be heard, caught, and seen so I engaged in sexual activities in public. I flashed my breasts regularly.

Because I was sick. Very sick. And because, subconsciously, I liked the attention. I am not alone. She also views her behavior as harmless, as I did. I never considered the kids who may have seen me through their bedroom windows. The women and men who may be triggered or upset by what they saw. The good news is that, these days, my manic episodes are well managed. I take several medications to keep my mental illness at bay, but I still have voyeuristic tendencies. So I share nudes with a couple who engages in similar behaviors.

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Looking for female exhibitionist

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