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The relationship sabotage scale: quantifying why we undermine ourselves in love. Published: PM. Published: AM. Published: 30 Sep Sexual healing My libido is highly unreliable. Will I ever be able to satisfy a partner? My sexual desire comes in peaks and valleys, but these days the peaks are fewer and further between. Do I need medical help? Published: 28 Sep Initially I felt some valour in my sacrifice, but ultimately sadness settled in. Frances, 70 and Rien, 68, met on a European exchange visit in Having brought up their family in England, they now live in the Dordogne, France.

Published: 27 Sep Straight from the heart: the lockdown-inspired love letter boom. Published: 26 Sep Ask Philippa I was seeing a man for a few months. Why am I so heartbroken? Published: 25 Sep You be the judge You be the judge: is it ever OK to put eggshells back in the box? Published: 24 Sep Sexual healing I am about to get married — but just tried to kiss a colleague. Should I tell my fiance? Published: 22 Sep Crash and burn: the intense and fleeting romances of the Covid era. Published: 20 Sep Published: 19 Sep Catching the rebound: people who went big to get over their breakups.

Published: 18 Sep How couples are navigating long-distance relationships in Australia in the time of Covid Published: 17 Sep About 8, for Relationships 1 2 3 4 … next.

Magazine articles relationships dating

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