Make you orgasm multiple times

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There will be a man and a woman and they are having sex. Up against a wall, in a bed, in a car, anywhere. Vertically, horizontally. Clothed or unclothed. None of that matters, because the outcome will be the same. Within a minute, usually, the man and woman will have an orgasm at the same time.

It will be visible, spectacular, satisfying. Then perhaps, she will have another and another and another. This scene will be familiar because it has been enacted ever since sex was allowed onscreen. But it is fiction. But if they do, it is unlikely to be because of thrusting. Things are better than they were in the 19th century, when male gynaecologists examined women while standing behind a cloak. But in the late s, medical men were still having earnest discussions in the s of medical journals about whether menstruating women emitted a poisonous substance called menotoxin, that made flowers wilt.

The US National Institutes of Health only set up a programme to research vaginal health in — the male orgasm was first researched a century earlier. There are just nuggets of information for women: a paper from the s establishing that women reported having several orgasms. In the s, studies by the superstars of sexology, Masters and Johnson, and others that found per cent of women had multiple orgasms.

Or they said they did: proper analysis of even the single female orgasm has only become possible with the advent of diagnostic tools such as the fMRI scanner or EEG, which can see what happens in the brain. Nearly half of the nurses questioned reported multiple orgasms. Blood flow to the genitals, an important part of orgasm, can now be tracked. We can watch over 30 areas of the brain light up, including ones that govern emotion and joy, and release oxytocin, a feelgood chemical that enables bonding. We can see the physiological process of orgasm: the tensing of muscles, the acceleration of heart-rate, the blood flowing to the genital area, and then the blessed feeling of release and pleasure.

At this point, women and men diverge. For a start, the man is more likely to have had an orgasm than a woman. A recent national study in the US found that 95 per cent of heterosexual men and 89 per cent of gay men said they always climaxed during sex.

In heterosexual women, the rate was 65 per cent but in lesbians 86 per cent. This mighty, magnificent organ, that has more nerve endings than the penis, exists, as far as we know, only to give pleasure. As possibly the female orgasm does: it has no known reproductive purpose, but there is no clarity.

One theory: that the orgasm is a way for the female body to capture more sperm with the contractions of climax. This varies from a few minutes in young men to 20 hours in older ones, but however long it is, there will be no response to sexual stimulation.

A woman has no such barrier. The circumstances required include her environment, her partner if she needs one , and her knowledge of her own body. We see images of women with improbably shaven genitalia, and supposedly female dolls with no external labia. When women come to her thinking they are dysfunctional in some way, says Sarah Martin , executive director of the World Association of Sex Coaches, one of the most powerful things she can do is send them away to look at their vulva in a mirror. Using the right words is important too. Vulva, not vagina.

Martin also tries to get women to relax. Before orgasm, alpha waves in our brains slow down. Their brains were quieter, making more room for pleasure. What might you be worrying about? The vagina is marvellous, but it is not packed with nerve endings like the clitoris. You may think differently about the vagina if you believe in the G-spot. This was launched into popular perception by an eponymous book written by two psychologists and a nurse, and by countless articles since. What a great thought. There is still no good scientific data to prove its existence, although plenty of women believe they have one.

Cardozo, is circumspect. When women have had that part of the anterior wall excised, they have still been able to orgasm. You probably want tips for how to get a multiple orgasm here. Or even a single one. I prescribe better research, of course. But also, better talking. I also prescribe a feminisation of gynaecology, but that is already happening. I prescribe better knowledge: women can orgasm singly and multiply orgasm, but often it has to be learned. All these prescriptions can combine for as pleasing an outcome as an orgasm, single or multiple.

Because it matters. Variant more transmissible than viruses that cause Mers, Sars, Ebola, colds, seasonal flu and smallpox. Many women experience periods in the run up to menopause that disrupt their lives. Prof Amy Brown says it is time to stop using language not helpful to women. Isabella Costa Rocha got her diagnosis two months after arriving from Brazil.

Joan Macdonald started working out after some health problems. Now she inspires others. Tell Me About It: My decision to break up our relationship has caused me and him immeasurable losses. Most superstitions are harmless, of course, though some can play into mental-health conditions. Superstitions are often harmless, but sometimes they play into mental-health conditions. The multiple orgasm: Does it exist and who knows for sure? Rose George. Sponsored Preparation is key for an effective cyber-attack response.

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Make you orgasm multiple times

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