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Thirty-four hospitals in New York ranked among the top performers in the country based on a new review of quality, safety and patient outcomes. The rankings involved everything from risk-adjusted survival rates, staffing and other health care metrics, according to the U.

News and World Report review. Other top hospitals based on the state-level rankings spanned a diverse mix of community hospitals and medical centers across the Finger Lakes, Hudson Valley and Southern Tier. It has national rankings for neonatology and pediatric nephrology, as well as high-performing rankings for 10 adult specialties, procedures and conditions. Rochester General Hospital tied for No. It had high-performing rankings for six adult specialties, procedures and conditions. Highland Hospital in Rochester tied for No.

It was ranked for three adult procedures and conditions. White Plains Hospital tied for No. It had a national ranking for gynecology, as well as seven high-performing rankings for adult specialties, procedures and conditions. It had three high-performing rankings for adult procedures and conditions. The review included a variety of health-care services, including cancer, cardiology and heart surgery, geriatrics, gynecology, orthopedics and seven other medical specialties. It analyzed everything from medical data to nurse staffing.

There is a new patient experience score and a new outcome measure, for example, that examines how often patients go directly home from the hospital, rather than transitioning to a nursing home or other institutional care setting, the report noted. The new review s other hospital rating systems, which can often score the same hospital differently. For example, some of the top-ranked hospitals in the U. News and World Report received average or subpar ratings in other rankings released by the federal government and Leapfrog, a nonprofit hospital safety group.

While the differences are connected to the scoring measures used, experts say patients should try to be aware of the in each respective system because they focus on a variety of important issues. The U. News and World Report contended its ranking changes sought to focus its review on hard data that makes comparisons fair for hospitals and useful to the public. As a result, the review has changed what determines a top hospital, as only hospitals out of more than 4, nationally were ranked in one specialty.

And hospitals were ranked among the Best Regional Hospitals in a state or metro area based on their performance in delivering complex and common care, including the 34 in New York. In addition to the top hospitals in New York, the U. News and World Report released findings for the nearly hospitals in New York. For further details about the data for each hospital, visit the review website here.

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Mount sinai NY adult personals

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