Mutual masturbation ideas

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There are few things hotter in this world than watching a partner experience sexual pleasure. Whether that means warm and fuzzy feelings or a full-blown orgasm, getting off is one of the great pleasures of life. Basically, mutual masturbation is a fancy term for touching yourself—or your partner. The great thing about this type of sexual pleasure is that no genital-on-genital contact is necessary, thus greatly reducing your risk of STIs and pregnancy.

And there are all kinds of mutual masturbation techniques and positions you can try on for size. This is a super-easy yet satisfying! This scenario works well for both penis- and vulva-havers. I like to lie down toward one side of the bed while my partner stands alongside facing the bed with legs slightly spread. From this position, my partner can use their hands or toys to pleasure me while I use my hands and mouth on them. For multitasking masturbation , have the penis-having partner lie down on their back.

The vulva-owner straddles them just below their penis and moves their hand up and down the shaft while positioning their thumb on their clit. Add a dab of lube to make things run even more smoothly. It may seem a little odd at first to lie side-by-side, on your backs, head-to-foot. Penis-in-vagina sex is possible from this passive position but by no means necessary to bring pleasure.

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Mutual masturbation ideas

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How to Try Mutual Masturbation Without It Being Awkward At All