Naked Rapid City girls

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When people are thinking about cool smaller cities in the U. Rapid City has a small but cool alley where artists can apply for permits and pain on the surfaces. I barely scratched the surface on my morning jog, but it was pretty and peaceful. I came back each day, trying their breakfast bowl, different coffee drinks the Caffe Miel is a fave , and more. Word to the wise, get the apricot pop tart…. This cute diner goes way back in Rapid City, in a few different iterations. I had lunch with my parents here right after getting off the plane a delish bison burger and then stopped on my run for pancakes on my last morning.

Hard to go wrong here. One note, true to diner form, they only do regular drip coffee. Two other coffee shops worth mentioning were Dixon Coffee Company , a tiny little stand over by the hotel I was staying at. Focus on coffee here but they sure do have a lot of different options.

The other was Essence of Coffee , which I hit on my last morning. Cute and great menu, and super friendly staff as well. In general the people in Rapid City and all the service I received at restaurants were incredibly warm and friendly. Here are a few of the best day trips to consider. Even as a kid I found Rushmore a little cheesy impressive, but just too touristy for my tastes.

My family wanted to make a brief visit here though, so I had to snap a few pics. What I definitely was excited about was driving the famous Needles Highway and exploring other areas around Custer State Park. Finally we ended at Sylvan Lake, which was beautiful but crowded. Our time was limited, but my mom and I stopped for a flight of wines and a flatbread at Prairie Berry Winery also known as Red Ass Winery.

Badlands is an easy national park to visit, with one main road winding through the entire park. It takes about an hour to reach the park, which is southeast of the city. The topography changes pretty dramatically at different points, which is crazy in such a small area. While I would have loved blue skies for the entire trip they peeked out at the end of our drive , the deep grooves and colored stripes of the rock are beautiful regardless. Had I been alone, I would have meandered a bit more, stopped a bit more though briefly , and definitely taken the extra dirt loop road at the end before hitting the famous Wall Drug.

We did make a quick stop at Wall Drug though, for some hot dogs, pie, and donuts. Yes, all at once. On our last day we drove up into the Black Hills northwest of Rapid City for some scenic driving and waterfalls. It was fine, clean enough and I got upgraded to a nicer room. Great location. Loved all your content and great pics so I know what to expect. Will be flying in from southern Utah. Thank you, Sue! Looking so forward to getting out of Florida. Who am I? I have a demanding full-time career but still find ways to fit in tons of travel.

My goal is to go everywhere, see everything, eat all the pastries, and soak up as much food, wine, culture, and amazing views as I can in this crazy life! A Day In Other things to do in Rapid City Main Street Square — A nice public area right in the heart of downtown that includes water features, flowers, and a chill place to sit for a bit.

There are event like live music and such here as well. Sioux Pottery — The beautiful pottery from the Sioux people is another clear memory of my childhood, as my parents always picked up a new coffee cup or vase when we visited. I was excited to get a couple of my own on this trip. Reptile Gardens — Gives me the willies to even type that phrase.

Badlands National Park Badlands is an easy national park to visit, with one main road winding through the entire park. Comments 6. Sue L July 3, at pm Loved all your content and great pics so I know what to expect. Jessica July 3, at pm Thank you, Sue! First time. Tabatha Bartels December 13, at am Beautiful pictures.

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Naked Rapid City girls

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A First-Timer’s Guide To Rapid City, South Dakota