Nsa in few hours

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According to reports published Tuesday evening by Politico, a group of surveillance hawks in the House of Representatives is trying to ram through a bill that would extend mass surveillance by the National Security Agency. We expect a vote to happen on the House floor as early as tomorrow, which means there are only a few hours to rally opposition. If this bill passes,we will miss the opportunity to prevent the FBI from searching through NSA databases for American communications without a warrant. Worse, nothing will be done to rein in the massive, unconstitutional surveillance of the NSA on Americans or innocent technology users worldwide.

The bill would create an easy path for the NSA to restart an invasive type of surveillance called "about" searches that the agency voluntarily ended earlier this year because of criticisms from the FISA court. It would also give FBI agents the power to decide whether or not to seek a warrant to read American communications collected under Section Backers of this bill are rushing because they know that time is on our side. If we can rally enough voices of opposition, we can delay or defeat this vote, sending a powerful message to Congress.

Every day can make a huge difference in this fight because Section , originally enacted as part of the FISA Amendments Ac t—the legal authority the NSA relies on to engage in this mass surveillance—expires in 12 days. We are asking people to use social media to contact their representatives. We also encourage you to find other social media s for your representatives such as an official Facebook and post a comment there. Tweet Now. It is only the second time a federal appeals court has been asked to rule on whether We need to talk about national security secrecy.

But the memos are just one piece. How the memos came to be—and why they continue to roil the waters in Congress—is more important. Last month, Congress reauthorized Section , the controversial law the NSA uses to conduct some of its most invasive electronic surveillance. Click the link at the bottom of the to your Senator today and tell them to oppose bill S. The House of Representatives cast a Multiple nonprofit organizations and policy think tanks, and one company have recently ed ranks to limit broad NSA surveillance. Though our groups work for many causes— freedom of the press, shared software development, universal access to knowledge, equal justice for all—our voices are responding to the same threat: the possible But the frenetic, Here are some of the biggest Since last night, the debate over how to reauthorize certain NSA surveillance authorities has seen a whirlwind of activity, culminating in the major news that the House Rules Committee postponed a vote today to potentially expand NSA spying powers.

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Nsa in few hours

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