Sex in front of your man

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Talking about sex with your partner can be really tricky. In many ways, sex should be just another part of your relationship — something you share together, and a means by which you connect — but for various reasons, it can often feel like a risky thing to try and discuss openly. Many people just find the topic awkward in general — they may not have grown up in an environment where sex was discussed frankly.

Sometimes, it can simply feel easier to let things be and hope that any problems just go away. Being able to talk about sex is a really important relationship skill. And, like any other relationship skill, this is something that can be learnt with a little practice and time. What might make you feel more satisfied? Of course, you may not know entirely what it is you would like, but beginning to think more deliberately about this kind of thing can at least serve as a starting point for when you and your partner begin to figure it out together.

When it comes to actually having the chat, it can be a good idea to choose your time and place well. This can be a tricky thing. And you might feel strange about bringing up this stuff in the cold light of day because it feels awkward. One potential route into the conversation is indirectly. You might start by talking about sex more generally — not necessarily your own sex lives — but your thoughts on the topic this might sound strange, but it can be a pretty interesting thing to talk about!

This can cover a range of things, but might include talking about how important sex is to you in a relationship, how often you like to have it, and then, maybe, what turns you on or off. Another time that can work well is when your feelings particularly relaxed and open with each other. But two principles will stand you in good stead — being honest, and being kind.

There may be things that your partner wants to do differently too. Being willing to talk this through and resist the urge to become defensive yourself will be an important part of making this a proper conversation — and allowing you to reconnect and really develop a language around this stuff together.

Once you get started talking about sex, you may be surprised by how much easier it gets. If you think you might need some extra help, then you may like to consider seeing a Sex Therapist. Getting any help If you think you might need some extra help, then you may like to consider seeing a Sex Therapist.

Sex in front of your man

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