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I live right outside of DC. Been here my entire life, less the 6. The city wherein I learned everything I know about life and business. The city which fostered my very quiet affair with politics. The city that invited my love for legal philosophy. I worked downtown for a full decade, fighting traffic on , the 14th street bridge, 14th street, 17th street, Connecticut Avenue and parking anywhere else that housed prestigious law firms.

But long before I worked full-time in law, I had my hands in government. And then I ended up working right across the street from the White House. As in on the same block. We take it for granted. But we also know how powerful it is. The President walks down the halls, pondering what Abraham Lincoln might do in a situation like the threat of current day Iran.

When things go down in the nation, the White House is the center of attention. The famous Rose Garden sets the stage for national press conferences. And it was beautiful. As you can imagine, no personal belongings are allowed in; not even after an hour of meandering security check points and scans. We appreciate your cooperation. What I loved the most? A wonderfully refreshing representation of who she is and what she stands for.

It was a bold move. And yes, the media covered it. I got dressed in jeans that morning… my default piece of clothing. And then I thought, Hmmm. If President Obama just happens to stroll through the hallways, do I want to make an impression in jeans or in a classically feminine look. I erred on the latter. First impressions are everything. I reasoned visiting the White House that side, anyway for the first time was special enough to warrant a lady like appeal.

One thing tho… I wore the wrong shoes. Oh, how I wore the very wrong shoes. I threw on one of my fave spring peep toe, slingbacks, sans tights. Bad move. My legs were bare, cold, laced in goosebumps and wet. And that normally would have been okay…. Yes, that totally happened.

It was all part of the ensemble, you know. As I make a dash back to my car, 2 blocks away, my foot, towering in 5. No one stopped to see if I was okay. And that was odd. And disturbing. I got up, like a lady, held my head up high and slowly walked to my car to drop off my belongings. Unlucky for me, I had to suffer through the 90 minutes, like a lady, because as you can imagine, not a of First Aid or restrooms during the tour. Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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