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Sex is just one of the subjects I address in my new book Your Place or Mine? Community and Belonging in 21st Century Ireland. Along with other aspects of our identities, like ethnicity and nationality, it forms part of the tapestry of ourselves, constantly changing throughout our lives. Throughout the 20th century, the Catholic Church dominated Irish cultural life. It was obsessed with controlling sexual behaviour.

Sex was for procreation only, to produce the next generation of believers. The idea that it could be a source of pleasure or fun was repressed and condemned. Sex was equated with sin and sin equated with sex. Morality related solely to the region below the belt. Certain place names — Letterfrack, Artane, Goldenbridge — now send a shiver down our spines. Even those who were not doing it themselves almost certainly knew that others were and did nothing to expose it. Of course not. Once young people are driven by their hormones to get their hands on each other, they will do it — no matter what.

Sex is an immensely powerful force. So no society has just one set of characteristics — like traditional, Catholic and repressive — at a time; there is always a challenge, defiance and resistance by some members of society. Not much. It is not a subject with which many social researchers wish to get down and dirty.

However, the Durex Global Sex Survey was conducted in They interviewed , people from 41 countries, including Ireland. The following are some of its findings:. The youngest age was in Iceland The lowest was in India 3 , and the global average was 9. The Greeks do it the most, at times, and the Japanese do it the least, at 45 times. All of this sexual activity is hard work. While there has always been more pressure on women than on men to look sexually attractive, there is inordinate pressure on young women these days.

They have to be unnaturally thin or at least feeling eternally guilty if they are not , coated in fake tan, impeccably made up, waxed to within an inch of their lives and wearing extraordinarily high heels. When they walk in these heels, they often look a bit like a newborn giraffe taking its first steps, weak and helpless. It might be boring, but I just like to be able to run if I need to, especially late at night! Irish society has become much more sexually liberal since the s. While it is still by no means a free-for-all, more sexual kit is certainly for sale — boosted recently by Fifty Shades of Grey!

So we went from banning Ulysses and The Tailor and Ansty to Ann Summers stores and lap-dancing clubs on our high streets in a fairly short space of time. There is still relatively little open, mature discussion of sexual matters in Irish society, indicating an ongoing tension between traditional and liberal attitudes. Her new book, Your Place or Mine? Subscribe to unlock unlimited digital access.

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Social sex ireland

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Talking about sex and sexual behaviour of young people in Ireland