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But now is the time to learn more, stop listening to scaremongers, and start having real, honest, respectful conversations. We hope this will help. The best estimate at the moment is that around 1 per cent of the population might identify as trans, including people who identify as non-binary. That would mean about , trans and non-binary people in Britain, out of a population of over 60 million.

Some trans people might not have the language or understanding of what it means to be trans until later in life. But it is always something innate and absolutely core to your sense of self. In many ways, trans people in the UK face huge levels of abuse and inequality right now. Two in five trans people have had a hate crime committed against them in the last year, and two in five trans young people have attempted suicide.

One in eight trans people have been physically attacked by colleagues or customers at work. No wonder some trans people are scared to walk down the streets. But these shocking stats only tell one element of the story. For most things, nothing formal or legal. One thing that causes a lot of difficulty and pain for some trans people is getting the gender on their birth certificate changed.

Stonewall is campaigning to get it reformed, including ensuring it recognises non-binary identities. A lot of media coverage is obsessed with details of body parts and surgical procedures. For some trans people, having gender reasment surgery is an important part of their transition. Getting access to that surgery is extremely difficult at the moment, and more investment is desperately needed so that trans people can get the procedures they need. It may take a bit of getting used to, but it causes you no harm and it will make that person feel acknowledged and valid.

This is no different. Exam boards, and many companies and organisations, have already found a way to do this that works fine for them just look at some of our Top Trans-Inclusive Employers ranging from Vodafone to the National Assembly for Wales.

We need to look at systems sensibly to see what we can do in this area. Understanding gender identity and trans issues can be confusing at first. If you want to find out more about the experiences of some trans people, you can hear them in their own words in these videos. If you say the wrong thing by accident which happens sometimes to most people , just apologise.

As long as you have good intentions, most trans people will appreciate you acknowledging your blunder and help you get it right. Sexual orientation who you are attracted to is completely unrelated to gender identity who you are. You can be trans and gay, trans and straight, trans and bi, asexual, or anything else — just as a cis person can be. Of course. If they fancy each other. First and foremost, we need to recognise that trans women are women, and trans men are men.

After that it becomes a matter of who you are attracted to. Adults are free to have relationships with other consenting adults, whatever their sexual orientation or gender identity. A Gender Recognition Certificate GRC is a document that legally changes your gender from male to female or vice versa. It allows trans men or trans women to have the right gender on their birth certificate, which can make life easier when it comes to things like starting a new job.

It can also take several years to go through, costs a lot of money and is a bureaucratic mess full of red tape and intrusive medical assessments. Being able to get a Gender Recognition Certificate matters. It means you can have a birth certificate with the right gender on it. It helps make life admin easier, like making it straightforward to get a passport with the right gender on it so you can travel more easily, but mainly it means that, as a trans person, you can have that piece of paper to show the state believes you are who you are. Just like any other citizen.

It's important. Tens of thousands of people took the opportunity to improve trans rights by having a say on reforming the GRA. here. All that will happen is that trans people in the UK will have a slightly easier life. The fact that teachers, doctors, families and care givers are talking about gender issues more is a good thing. It means that children are more empowered and more able to explore their identity as they grow up, as well as helping them understand and accept difference.

All children and young people deserve the right to be happy and be themselves. They want someone to talk things through with, someone who can understand their thoughts and feelings, and help them to have those conversations. This is a success and demonstrates the importance of listening and talking to young people. Trans people can and have been using the toilets that match their gender for years without issue. Having facilities that everyone can use — toilets and changing rooms with private space — is really sensible and many businesses and institutions have been taking that approach without incident for a long time now.

Refuges exist to support vulnerable women leaving unsafe situations. Read the report we produced with nfpSynergy ' Supporting trans women in domestic and sexual violence services '. Yes, of course. Trans women are women, and because of that it makes sense that they should have the same opportunity to be involved in debates as any other woman. Women-only panels and shortlists exist to try and redress the gender inequality that all women — trans women included - face every day. Deadnaming is when people refer to a trans person using the name they had before they transitioned.

Misgendering is when someone refers to a trans person using the gender they were ased at birth instead of their real gender. You can get tips on challenging transphobic bullying here. Trans people and trans allies are keen to have robust and honest debates about how to make trans equality a reality in the UK.

More and more people and organisations are recognising the importance of stepping up and being a vocal ally to trans people. Prominent individuals in politics and in the media are already doing it, as are organisations ranging from Lloyds Banking Group, to Tesco, to top-ranked law firms. But there are also lots of small steps you can take to be a trans ally. up to keep up to date, read our five-year plan A Vision for Change and get stuck in!

Shop Donate Fundraise. If you read a newspaper, go on the internet, or turn on the TV at all, you may well have seen some shocking headlines about trans people lately. How many trans people are there in Britain at the moment? What process do you have to go through to be recognised as trans in daily life? Do you need to have gender reasment surgery a 'sex change operation' to be trans? Are you calling for gender to be removed from documents?

So, could a lesbian have a trans woman as a lesbian partner, or a gay man be with a trans man? What is a Gender Recognition Certificate and how do you get one? If this change to the law happens, what will it mean for me and my family? But what about public toilets? Should trans women be able to sit on women-only panels or be on women-only shortlists? What do deadnaming and misgendering mean?

Why are people who support trans equality refusing to go on panel shows to discuss gender? What can I do to be an ally to trans people? How can I support a trans young person? Can you be trans and gay? Other ways to help: us in the fight to achieve equality for all trans people. Donate today so we can continue campaigning for trans equality.

Stonewall MS sex dating

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