Trade personal training for massage

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You should base this choice on how much time you want to spend in school, cost and what you want to do with your education. A certification is less expensive and takes less time to complete, while a four-year degree may make you eligible for higher positions.

There are several organizations you can become certified through; some reputable options include:. While your specific classes will vary by program, a general example of a course listing for your program might look like this:. If you are working toward your certificate, the program you pick will determine how long it takes you to complete. Some certificate programs take as little as three months to complete, and some can take up to two years.

One more thing to keep in mind is that choosing an online program might affect how long your education takes, as online programs can often be completed more quickly. For those who are interested in achieving a certificate rather than a degree, online programs can be an ideal solution for cutting costs while still getting a great education. Personal training programs are accredited by the National Commission of Certifying Agencies NCCA , which ensures a program meets the highest standards in the personal training industry.

Trade personal training for massage

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Personal Training and Massage – A Healthy and Sustainable Combination