Two guys in hotel

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When we were asked to guest write an article, we were hugely honoured. But alas, here we are, waffling away! But what it also meant was trying to waffle about something deep, or thought-provoking — or that changes the world. Instead, we wrote all that off and opted for things to think about as a pair of gays wandering the world; real deep.

So has anyone noticed how ever since the Dreamliner came out and we were all lulled into this false sense of awe because of its huge dimmable windows and reduced jet lag, that we are all a little more crammed together than we used to be?

Yeah, well thank Boeing for that! Craving a bit of judgement-free personal space with your loved one? Kind of tied in with that last point is the bed situation. Bring binoculars just in case you need to check whether your other half is in the bed with you.

But with every giant, post code defying bed comes the twin bed situation. Now, unfortunately, this tends to be the case more often than not when two guys book a hotel room. You know, when you open the hotel room door and you see either two single beds because a grown adult would ever want to sleep in a single bed , or two single beds bizarrely pushed together, but made up as two single beds. So, much like the last tip, be clear with the hotel. Going on an extended vacation? Do your homework first!

How would she survive with out her regular mani-pedis? So moral of the story here: sometimes its just better to leave your pet with that reliable family member. Ours was to Phuket, Thailand. Our honeymoon was awesome. Pure luxury for two weeks. And because the company we booked with Kuoni — who are pretty darn awesome told everyone it was our honeymoon, we got a bunch of extras. It looks like no amount of money can buy. Now neither of us are easily offended in the slightest; we have a really dry sense of humour, so found this constant reference to a mythological bride pretty funny.

We searched in all the cupboards, under all the beds, but she was no-where to be found! But our tip here would be that if you are bothered by that sort of thing, you might want to get your travel agents if you used one to be quite clear with the hotels. View Larger Image. Which bed do you want? We are two guys Andy and Jeremy to be precise and a tortoise Bailey! I feel we made writing this section more difficult for ourselves by being so descriptive in our name - "two guys and a tortoise" kind of gives the game away.

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Two guys in hotel

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