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Like Deadwood itself, Swearengen was taken from us too soon. Though older, frailer and more apt to show his softer side, Swearengen remains as quick-witted and self-assured as ever. Between rewatching most of Deadwood , catching up with the new movie, and seeing all three John Wick installments, I just had an epic Ian McShane week. Is this a particularly exciting moment for you? And with Deadwood , it has the same kind of creative force behind it. So you do have a sense of continuity running through them. And especially with Deadwood: The Movie. It works. And it really did.

It looked extraordinary on the big screen. I can believe anything. But that was going to be worked out. Who knows the full, unrefined story? All I know is that maybe it worked out for the best. Who knows—five years might have been too much. Four years may have been too little. As it was, those three years of making it were extraordinary—in terms of the creative process, in terms of the personal rewards that it gave to everybody concerned with the show, and the lasting friendships, and the working situation.

That was taken away, but we all stayed in touch in some way. And then 13 years later…. But then they got semi-serious about it. Casey Bloys, I think you have to give him a lot of credit. They found a story that connected everybody, it linked back to the last show, and it linked back to the collective memory of the act that had an effect on the town.

Then, they managed a way to find us all available. Because you knew, not just the scene—it was coming to an end, the show. This time, you knew it was, so when you said goodbye to people, it was goodbye. It was very touching. And David found a way of replicating his method of working, even though he is not the man he was—we know that, because of the recent reports. But he found a way. It was the same, but different—but equally powerful and creative.

It was a pleasure to do. Was that immediately apparent on the , and did it take some getting used to saying? I remember the pilot. I was in England, and my wife and I had just come back from a holiday, after doing a six-part show. We were thinking, should we come back to America for a while? Then I read the pilot, and it was like wow again. The pilot was written as a one-piece, but you knew they were going to do the show anyway; the pilot was a formality in a sense. I guess we were pretty arrogant, thinking about it now.

But we came back to live here—this was in November —and we started filming in August Filming a pilot, which is a one-off thing like the movie , is just a different thing than doing a series. So I made a pact with myself that I would never take s onto the set—that I would learn it beforehand, and learn it as I went along, and then get on with it. We were there, so you could really switch on a dime. David could say he wanted to do a scene, and actors were available, because it was only like a minute drive up the So it was this constantly creative evolving process where you never knew.

There was never any full script for any episode. It may have made the producers nervous; it never made any of the actors nervous. But then you get a show like that. We came from this bloody disorganized beginning into this civics lesson of a small town in South Dakota, which came about because of a gold rush, and then became civilized. The town got bigger all the time, and the characters got more complicated and involved.

It was always a trip to be there, watching the other actors work. I got a kick out of it. My personal favorite was watching William Sanderson playing E. Farnum, because I believed David found a way of talking about the town, and E. Only William could handle that kind of complicated Shakespearean comedy stuff. Everybody found something. Gerald McRaney—God, you hated him! Get the fuck out of my sight! I mean, the characters—you could talk about it a lot. Never, ever. Do people still ask you to say it? Oh, they beg you to call them it! But they love it!

A couple of others went, including I believe W. You know that. They love it. But it just happened to catch on. It came from that scene with Keone [Young], Mr. That one-minute comic scene. And I swear, that was exactly written down as it was on the . Every cocksucker and motherfucker was in the script to begin with. I was also struck with it the other night, watching it unfold on the big screen. Milch always progressed it, and this is 10 years later. This is referring back to an event that the town knows happened; the various leading characters were all a part of this conspiracy to kill an innocent girl, to protect another.

But to be able to revisit it 13 years later, and put an end on it… but not really, because Hearst is still the most powerful guy, and how do you deal with real power? You get small victories. And finally, I think everybody wants to see Hearst get the shit beaten out of him. But only for so long, because what does that prove in the end—that you can do it? Then Deadwood settles down again to what it was. The following day is going to come, and life is going to go on. They have their moments of revenge in certain ways, and whatever happens after that. Do you feel like the show now finally has some measure of closure?

Did you personally need that? It was kind of flattering! In the original, ZZ Top were extras. Their manager sat in this long black limousine outside the set all day while they put on their cowboy costumes and were extras. Get out of the sun! But with Deadwood , involved meant everybody was involved. That was part of the creative process that was so extraordinary, and made Deadwood like doing a workshop for a play, and a film, and TV, and everything at the same time.

It was good stuff. You should be doing this. Being around Milch for three years was a pleasure unto itself. Long may he reign. Crossword Newsletters. TECH Disinformation. Updated May.

Want to fuck Deadwood

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